COVID-19 Awareness at Lake Life Cabins

Lake Life Cabins takes cleaning seriously, and we continue to hear from our guests that our cabins are the cleanest they’ve stayed in. We have a dedicated cleaning team, led by our Turnover Manager Christina, who are obsessed with making the cabins perfect for each guest.

That said, with all the Coronavirus fears out there, we wanted to let you know the precautions that we are taking to ensure that our cabins are safe and clean for each new guest.

We always wash ALL of the linens - sheets, towels, blankets, duvet covers, etc between each guest, and use a little bleach in each load of laundry.  We also use some bleach when we clean the bathrooms and kitchens.  In addition, we both clean AND disinfect (with Lysol and/or diluted bleach) ALL hard surfaces in the cabins - door handles, light switches, faucets, toilets, cabinet and drawer pulls, and more.  The hot tubs are ALWAYS drained and cleaned between guests, and we add a fast dissolving granular sanitizer after they are refilled.

It takes a solid 4 hours to fully clean one of our cabins - and it shows.  When you walk in you can smell that it’s clean. Because of these extra precautions, we have moved our check-in time for the cabins to 4pm - to allow our cleaning crews some more time to do their deep cleans. As always, if there is no one checking out the same day you are arriving, we should be able to accommodate an earlier check-in.

Spending time at the cabins is all about escaping from the craziness of our everyday lives.  It’s about connecting with nature and with each other.  We want you to come relax and enjoy.

I can’t think of a safer getaway right now than a road trip to the cabins.  No airports.  No taxis.  No rushing.  No big crowds.  It’s always been that way - but now more than ever - life is better at the cabins.

I hope that helps answer any questions you might have about how we’re dealing with this, but feel free to contact me directly if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thanks so much!

Dave Dixon
Lake Life Cabins